SPS Medical 1″ EO Gas Indicator Tape (60 Yard Roll)

MPN: GT-036



What's Included

  • 18 x 60-Yard Rolls

Product Description

This Ethylene Oxide indicator tape securely seals packs and provides a visual assurance that the package has been exposed to the EO sterilization process. It is designed for use as packaging tape and as a means of ascertaining whether packs have been exposed to ethylene oxide gas. The color change indicator verifies exposure to the sterilization process. Tapes are individually packaged in 60-yard rolls and available in multiple widths. Tape dispenser can hold up to 2 rolls of 1" tape and has a weighted base. Tape dispenser sold separately.

Key Specifications

Legnth60 Yard Roll

Wdith1" Tape