Laerdal V-VAC Manual Suction Unit Starter Kit

MPN: 985300



What's Included

  • New Laerdal V-Vac Manual Suction Unit
  • Handle
  • 2 Replacement Cartridges
  • Short Suction Catheter with Adapter Tip
  • Double Male Connector
  • Directions for Use
  • FREE Shipping

Product Description

Every First Responder's emergency kit needs to include a quality suction unit. The Laerdal V-VAC Manual Suction Unit is the perfect addition to your emergency kit. It can also serve as a back-up suction device for hospitals, clinics, and emergency personnel. This device is simple to use; the V-VAC works the moment you squeeze, requiring only one hand to operate.

Product Features

  • Portable – The V-VAC weight just 0.7 lbs and is small enough to easily fit in EMS bags or first aid kits.
  • Powerful – A simple squeeze provides suction range between 170-380 mmHg and 70 LPM.
  • Patient Safe – The suction tip is made to prevent tube occlusions and avoid soft tissue damage. The all-in-one system adjusts for high and low vacuum suctioning and a catheter connection allows for versatile use on the go.
  • Easy to Maintain – The disposable one-piece cartridge eliminates the need to clean contaminated parts. The adjustable handle is easy to clean, so the device is ready the next time you need it.
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Key Specifications


Warranty1 Year

Dimensions13" x 2.5" x 4.8"

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